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I decided to repost one of my favourite posts of all time on Facebook. I felt like capturing it here because it was too easy to lose track of it otherwise. Because I think this post is a really  a good reminder to choose kindness every day, even when it is not the popular choice, even when it’s time consuming and you’re in a hurry, and yes even when the prospective recipient is making it challenging to do so by testing your patience or human decency.

Also, I really was overwhelmed and touched by the number of likes and comments I got from this note. It restored my faith in humanity a little, but, more importantly, helped me to restore some of my faith in myself. It had been a very difficult year, and this day still stands out to me as a corner I had chosen to turn for the better. About how one small act can have a ripple effect in a lot of unexpected ways. Of course, as with most things, that became more clear in retrospect.

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