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By Gail Balfour, Unleashing IT

Increasing demand, growing complexity, numerous formats, multiple networks, and disparate devices: why moving your video delivery to the cloud just makes sense for service providers and the enterprise.

Do you have a Netflix subscription? Do you download movies to your tablet, or access YouTube clips on your smartphone? At first glance, these consumer video diversions may not seem very relevant to the world you work in. But the technology behind such innovations is being rapidly adopted by the enterprise, while becoming increasingly complex for service providers. As a result, it is causing disruption across the whole value chain—from media companies to advertisers—and is changing the global landscape for content distribution models, in living rooms, boardrooms, and enterprise IT shops.  (more…)


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By Gail Balfour
Backbone Magazine

Have you ever Googled your own company? How about searched for terms that are related to your products or services? If you have, you may have noticed how difficult it can be to get your Web site to appear at the top of the search engine’s results page, or even on the first few pages. Yes, you are competing with countless other businesses worldwide, and a lot of other noise online, but is that why you appear so far down the list? Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at what you could be doing differently.


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