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This photo stirs up memories of a coffee shop on Roncy that no longer exists. I used to love the wild, bird-crazed garden out back, a mixture of streaming sunlight and cozy pools of gold-fleck-shaded tungsten lamplight inside, mismatched Formica tables, and the collection of thick ceramic 70s-era mugs they had amassed over the years from lawn sales, communes, truck stops, rodeos and various grandmothers’ kitchens.

Glad I captured this moment. sunny-coffee-shop


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It sounds corny, but every time I see a rainbow these days it always makes me think of my parents trying to tell me not to forget them, to show me that there is still part of them left, and to remind me that there is sudden, expected beauty everywhere – you need only look up.

My latest rainbow

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Cherry blossoms

In the springtime in High Park something strange and wonderful happens. People drift in ever widening groups like moths to a flame. The flames in this case are cherry trees, but I must admit they look much more like snow squalls than fire.


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3 a.m. insomnia

Sometimes the night becomes so muffled that it wakes you…

Fog is like a balm to me. I can breathe much deeper.

Sometimes the night is so muffled that it wakes you.

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City of light

The famous tower takes on an eerie glow as it lights up in blue. I took this on a clear October evening, using my new digital SLR (a Nikon D60).

Eiffel Tower night reflection

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This is one of my favourite photos that I have ever taken, and one of the last ones I shot using film (it’s all digital these days). Taken around midnight, just outside the Notre Dame Cathedral. In the rain, of course. If it looks familiar, it’s because this photo is also used in the banner of this blog, here it is without the cropping:

Rainy night in Paris

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